Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Be True

Trying to get back to the drawing board...need to re-do a few things. I had to remind myself recently to be true to what I do and how I see my work. Sometimes, we forget and try to please others, listening to what they are saying but then when we do what they have requested it was not what they liked about your work in the first place. I should have just done what I wanted to do in the first place and all would be well...stay true to yourself. Do what you love to do and it will be fine.

Yesterday was a lost day, ran around trying to find frames but nothing I liked, tried to order frames but for some reason the web site would not work, tried to cut mats, finally just called it a day. Went to the mail box and in it was "The Richeson International - Animals, Birds & Wildlife 2012" book. I have 4 pieces published in this book. I received a meritorious award for them and was ask if they could be included in the book. Why would I say no? It is nice to see my worked published and that what I love to do, others love too! Reminding me again, be true to yourself.

Meritorious Award's for "Dreams of Flying" "Thinking"

Award for "beep-beep"
 " Who's Got Who"

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