Saturday, January 26, 2013

Two Fold

Okay everyone need your help with this - I am doing lots of new things this year. I generally don't enter contests but why not give it a shot. Plus, the Super Bowl is coming up so my image of the Ravens is right on point! Who's Got Who is entered in Arizona Art Supply Contest and is supporting the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl - I am still connected to the east coast and always will be so got to support the home team...not that I am a big sports person but still home team spirit.

Anyway, if you would be so kind as to vote for me I have the chance of winning $250.00 in art supplies, or other prizes. Go to Facebook and if we are friends already you will see the Ravens, just click on the AZ Art Supply link and vote for me, just clicking the Like button does not count as a vote. So go the extra step and click that link.

While you are on Facebook if you see the Quail he is entered in The Art List artists of the month contest. This is also two-fold as there is the popular vote part of it and they do a selection based on your work and web site. So, just click on the Quail and hit the vote button.

Thanks to everyone that has already voted and thank you to those that I know will vote for me. And you thought politicking was over. Which reminds me on the Quail you can vote every day, so go back often.

Who's Got Who - The Dangers of Love Contest AZ Art Supply

Quail - Artist of the Month - The Art List

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