Friday, January 25, 2013

Tucson Arts

This week my friend and fellow artist, Karen Budan, took a day trip down to Tucson. We wanted to explore the art galleries of Tucson. From our research we found that the main grouping of galleries were along Skyline and Campbell. So, that was our focus for the day.

Our first stop: Jane Hamilton Fine Arts, a nice space, much of the work was realism a strong focus on women in art by women, still life works, printmaking ( woodcuts & etchings) and some painted small wood furniture pieces.
Just down the street is a alcove with several galleries together. The one that I enjoyed the most was Settlers West Gallery, a good amount of southwest art, but they were in the process of hanging a mini show that opens in February. The pieces were around 8x10, the images included, landscapes, still life and animals. Thinking about going back to check it out once it is all hung. The space was much larger then it appeared from the outside, tucked back in adobe style building.
Around the corner from that little alcove are more galleries that face the street. One of which was Madaras Gallery, most of the work is paintings by Diane Madaras, bright, colorful realistic images with a impressionist touch. She has visiting artist come in and show to the side gallery. Susan Wechsler was that artist, she works in mosacic and had created some glass pieces that were inspired by Diane's paintings. Susan is best known for her Shrines. I took a couple pictures of her work with her permission.
The last space we visited was a Steinway Piano store & gallery. It is a large open space with 2 & 3 D work. Nice work, quite space, one artist I enjoy was Renee Vance. The works that caught my eye were birds with gold leaf incorporated in the paintings.
Next time you are in Tucson, check out these spaces. Let me know what you find.

Susan Wechsler at Madaras Gallery

Renee Vance work at Steinway Piano & Gallery

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