Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I had posted the falcon on some of the pastel groups yesterday. Which generated lots of questions on staining paper. So, that made me think who first started doing stained paper? Is there a history to staining paper? I usually do a quick research before I write my blogs but this time all I came up with was How To's...not what I wanted. There are lots of techniques/styles out there but I just wanted a little background information to start with. So, I will do more research later, see if the google-gods are any friendlier and let me find what I am looking for, until then I will leave you with the box turtle and dragonfly. Not sure what the title will be yet, if you have any thoughts please share.

Tomorrow, maybe, I will have a little more info on the history & techniques for staining paper.
Box Turtle with Dragonfly - pastel on paper

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