Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tech-NO Difficulties

A New Year and not without some of those techno problems...my camera, my computer, my kindle, my iphone...wow! I never thought I would be so electronically connected. Everything in life has it's learning curve, some take longer to master then others but it all seems to work out in the end.

My camera has been giving me problems for some time now. Rick & I took a trip down to southern AZ, stopped in Willcox, Bisbee, Tucson and went to White Water Draw to see the sandhill cranes. I took pictures, lots and lots of pictures. Which when I looked at them seemed fine. When we got back to Scottsdale as I was going to download them to my computer I fine they are corrupted files? How do they get that way? So, a long process of getting those good pictures on my computer. Then my newer laptop would not recognize the program I had purchased to recovery lost photos. Went to my old very slow laptop and after many tries was able to get it to recognize the port, the camera and the program to retrieve most of the photos. When from could not find over a 100 photos to just 5. Nice!

It is kind of scary that there are programs out there that can pull that kind of information off of a camera card, who knows what else they can find. But, if you ever lose your photos don't dis-pare try this site, you have to buy the download but it has saved me many, many times. http://www.cardrecovery.com

Here are a few of my recovered photos - more tomorrow on Sandhill Cranes!

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