Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Step by step

For some reason this reminds me of some old movie scene - slowly he turns, step by step, inch by inch...But, that kind of describes how I work, slowly, a step at a time, an inch at a time. Working mainly in pastels, you have to be aware of how you hold your hand, rest your arm. Depending on if you work left or right handed may determine where you start your painting/drawing.

I worked on a screech owl this past week. It is a small piece, 5X7. I had made up some coffee stained paper and thought his colors would work nicely. I do a general pencil sketch to work out the dimensions, then start at the top and work my way down. I lay in dark's, under colors, with birds I then add a layer of white, go back into it with detail work using browns, blues and blacks. Final touches of white and blacks. I use stick pastels, medium hard for under painting and soft for finishing accents. Pastel pencils and charcoal pencils, both black & white, create the fine lines.

I tried to add a step by step video but after 3 tries I must be doing something wrong and will have to revisit this another day. Until then here is the finished piece.

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