Wednesday, January 16, 2013

See Horses

Today we have seahorses and other sea critters...The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum just happen to be opening the new aquarium on the day we went to visit. We got our tickets and it was a nice exhibit. Very clean as it is so new and fun with yellow seahorses floating around.

When you think of seeing horses in the desert, seahorses are not usually the ones you think of first. This Museum is a cross between wildlife and plants you would see in the southwest. The Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) is the home to Pacific Seahorses.

The exhibit includes fish found in the Colorado River, Sonoran Desert Rivers (Rio Yaqui & Rio Sonora). The Museum provides information lists on fish that are over caught and which are safe to consume. They speak on lead levels and endangered species. It is a small exhibit but with a big message.

Pacific Seahorse

Fish found in the Sea of Cortez

Fresh Water fish - I think it was called a Frog Fish

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