Monday, January 28, 2013

Paper Work

Paper Work - working on paper - going through receipts - doing tax stuff - getting finished works ready to frame...all of this is paper work. I work on and with paper, as many know I make paper and use handmade papers for my pastels. So, when I say I have to do paperwork it may not always be the same thing that most people mean.

This week will have all of those paper works. I will spray several works this afternoon. I am 95% finished with the Box Turtle with Dragonfly that I was working on yesterday. People often ask how long did it take you to do that - well 2 movies worth yesterday plus couple other days here & there, along with today, adding in framing, not to forget taking the original photograph and thinking about took awhile.

Off and on this week I need to buckle down and enter all my tax stuff on the computer, the business end of art. Need to follow up with art galleries and customers. Making phone calls and delivering art. Wednesday I work at the AAA gallery from 10 - 5 so if you are in the area drop by say hi. I usually bring something to demonstrated while I am there, more paper work.

Here are a couple small pieces I did this past week, hope tomorrow to have finished box turtle.

"Cat with Attitude" pastel - SOLD at Auction this weekend

Coyote - pastel on coffee stained paper

Falcon - pastel - I did him this passed Sept. in mixed medium for auction in OR like it so much decide to try in pastel on coffee stained paper. I think I may end up doing a larger pastel/charcoal of him.

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