Monday, January 14, 2013

New Places

Friday was art walk in Mesa, AZ. We have never been there, so sounded like a fun thing to check out. Rick & I went down had dinner at a nice Thai restaurant. Walked over to check out the Art Museum of Mesa, the Center for the Arts, theater, gift shop, glass studio demonstration and hear some Shakespeare on the streets. All in a very artsy block. The Museum houses a permanent collection, local artists shows, national-international shows and a room design for installation.

The theater area has many wonderful performances going on, something I plan to take more advantage of this year and in the future. On my list of to do's is go to more live performances.

On the second Friday of each month street vendors come out along the Main Street area. There are lot's of nice places to eat, coffee shops, brewery, books shops, galleries and boutique shops. Most are open late. One gallery space has a come in and go in, sit down and paint a picture. Even if you have never picked up a brush you can give this a try. Seeing more and more of these paint and take kind of places.

Each month there is a new theme to the second Friday art walks. It has alternative art, fun art, interesting art, theater art and fine art...a little something for everyone.

Saw this in a little shop along Main Street

Shadow Walk - Art Center - Mesa
detail of cross

Museum of Art Mesa 
Light with prints, paintings, mixed medium
Glass hanging sculptures 

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