Thursday, January 17, 2013

Never to late

Just found out that January is National Bald Eagles Month. Need to start making a list of all these special things that happen each month. I have been lucky to see bald eagles in the wild and up close in rescue centers. They are amazing, when you see them so high in the sky you do not realize how large they are, how powerful yet they were almost lost to us.

1782 - Bald Eagle became our nations symbol
1940 - Bald Eagle Protection Act was passed
1966 - Endangered Species Preservation Act - 1967 Bald Eagles were listed
1972 - DDT banded
1973 - Endangered Species Act - Bald Eagle was listed in lower 48 states
1995 - Bald Eagle went from endangered to threatened
2007 - Bald Eagle was removed from lists

In 1963 the lower 48 states had a count of 400 nesting pairs of eagles. By 2007 the count was up to 10,000 nesting pairs.

Bald Eagles can be seen all over North America. In West Virginia there is a web cam set up by the National Conservation Training Center with a nesting pair. Each spring there are babies.

Check out this web site to find out more about eagles, the nest location, map and link to the web cam.

Majestic - pastel - linda

Taking Flight - pastel - linda

North Country Sentinel - scratchboard - Marilu

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