Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Morning Brew

I had a lot of response from posting the coffee stained pastel of the falcon on some of the facebook group pages. So, today will be a quick step by step on coffee staining. I did do some more research and did not find much. The best I can determine is that it came along with marbling paper. I would image tea staining was first, since paper originated from China & Japan.

For both tea or coffee, you can brew up tea, make regular or instant coffee and just pour, brush or splatter it over your paper. The technique I use includes the grounds.
Owl pastel on coffee stained Rives BFK paper

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Start with your morning brew, take the coffee grounds and what ever coffee may be left...

 You can literally throw it onto the paper, drop it on, spread it on, then squeeze the whole filter to have a few odd drops, you can add a little coffee if there is some left or a few drops of water on the filter and squeeze.

Leave the paper to dry, then just shake off the grounds, brush as needed...
rinse under running water - both sides
Lay flat to dry
As it nears completely dry I place it between blotters or newsprint, weight it down over night. By the next morning it should be nice and flat. Do not leave it between blotters for more then a day it could mold.

Falcon pastel on coffee stained Rives BFK paper

Good Luck, enjoy, would love to see what you create!
Coyote pastel on coffee stained Rives BFK paper

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