Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hungry - Hungry Hummingbirds

I had a new experiences with the hummingbirds yesterday. Rick had picked up a new feeder since the Gila Woodpeckers had destroyed the last one. It has much smaller holes and is a condo feeder. There are two, one above the other or they can be separated as two small feeders. I wanted to see how the birds would react to the two sacked. I cleaned and filled them was walking out to hang it up to find my arms are not long enough to reach the hook with the new feeder. I had a extension hook on a tree that I could use. I go get it and this tree is a place the hummingbirds go to hide. I am not sure if they could smell the sugar water or what but a Anna comes flying over to the feeder that I am holding, sits on the ledge and drinks and drinks and drinks...took a couple seconds hopped up to the next level to try that out too! It stayed there for what seems a very long time. My arm was growing tired trying to hold up the feeder and not move. As long as I did not move it would take me for a big tree or something. But, finally I spoke, told the hummingbird to give me just one moment, I would hang the feeder and he could have at it. He looked at me like he knew what I was talking about, flew back to the tree and waited. Too funny! Gave me a smile for the day.

Since I did not have enough arms to have a camera too, I will just share some hummingbird pictures I took from our recent trip to Tucson.

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