Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fuzzy Socks

I am planning today to be a Fuzzy Socks kind of day - It has been raining here in AZ, a bit cooler then normal, another cold front is moving through. The good side of this winter weather is spring should be amazing. A little rain in AZ goes a long way. So, with a chill in the air, fuzzy socks, coffee in the morning, hot tea in the afternoon, maybe put in an old movie and set up my drawing area.

The cats are usually not thrilled with this kind of day - other then I am home but I am working. Which means I have a drawing board set up on my lap. They feel the lap should be their space. But, I am looking forward to finishing up the box turtle I started this week.

Fuzzy Socks & Whisper

Whisper trying to figure out if that cat will open the door and let him out???

Cat with Attitude - donated to the Friends for Animal Care & Control auction

Rain in AZ - when it rains - it pours

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