Saturday, December 29, 2012

Staying The Course

I do not play golf but my husband, Rick does. He is always telling me about all the wildlife and amazing trees he sees while playing. In fact just the other day he saw a Bobcat.

So, I went with him to "ride along" while he played. I was set with my camera both long & short lenses, sketchbook and pencils. I got some really great tree pictures, mountains, landscape type shots but only one wildlife shot - a heron, he was a beauty. But, no road runners, which are suppose to be everywhere, no bunnies, hardly any other birds. It was an off day.

All is not lost, like I said, great tree pictures. Rick did snap off a couple pictures with his phone of the Bobcat. We will just have to see what the trees & the heron inspire. I did do a couple sketches which I was planning to include in the post but can't find my sketchbook this morning. I really need to organize both my studio & office - today's project!

Bob the cat

You Looking at Me???


Cactus Ball - Hole In One?


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