Monday, December 3, 2012

Nature Calls

Before the sun came up, before the colors started appearing behind the mountains, I heard the great horned owl. In fact I have heard two, but have only seen one. There may be a mate, will keep my eyes and ears on alert. The gila woodpeckers and the cactus wren are very talkative in the morning. The hummingbirds sleep a little later but lately they too have not only done their chattering noise when others are around their feeder. They have been sitting on the branches making little talking noises. As beautiful as hummingbirds are they lack the gift of a beautiful song, this is just my opinion.

This morning I woke to nature calls, even the coyote were in rare form. Singing out to each other. I am sure they were giving direction as to where to meet for breakfast. I joined them with my coffee and watched as a magenta band ran across the sky. I take a deep breath and walked gently into this morning.

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