Sunday, December 16, 2012


Ch-ch-chilly weather here, there, everywhere. I was in Portland, OR for the last week visiting my son, John. It was as Portland is this time a year, somewhat rainy. There was a full day of sun, there was misty days and the temperature was not near as cool as I was expecting.

I did a quick visit to the Portland Museum of Art, an interesting building, with lots of stairs going different directions. I did not record the names of the artists works I saw at the museum but you may recognize some of the works that I enjoyed.

Got back to AZ Friday night, it had rained, the sky was filled with clouds making it a lovely sunset to drive back home. In the middle of the night the rains in AZ came again and continued all day Saturday. This is some what rare to see rain all day long. The trees, plants, cactus are loving it, flowers are blooming. It is amazing to see the cactus swell with the rains, the trees get greener before your eyes and the smell in the air, oh so sweet.

I look forward to changes as this year is coming to a close.

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