Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Moment in Time

I woke this morning in the dark, before the birds began their songs. My mind was racing with ideas, projects to finish this week, getting things in the mail before the big rush, finish the holiday decorating, all that fun stuff...

Then after my coffee the sun started to rise. I knew it was telling me to take a moment and enjoy this time. It has been unseasonably warm from what I hear, not only here in AZ but also back on the east coast. Because it is so warm, I continue to sit outside and write or paint. It is a good thing, it is truly something to be thankful for, this moment in time, this peace, this nature. Thank you...

Taking Time to Smell the Roses in Portland, OR

A Time to Paint in New Mexico

A Time to Share with Friends in Quebec

A Time To Travel With Friends, Fox Island, Alaska

A Time to Explore Far Away Place, South Africa
A Time to Remember all those places, people, adventures, inspiration, a time to stop and watch the sunrise.

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