Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Small Town America

Staunton, VA - If you ever get the chance this is a wonderful small town to visit. It is filled with lots of little shops, the historic society has a two fold gallery. The main room has rotating art work from the past, the second & third rooms current, contemporary art. The old train depot has been kept in tack and is used for local shops and restaurants. One of the shops in this area is Appalachian Piecework Textile Studio & Antiques. It is filled with weaving looms, spinning wells, and all the alpaca fleece you could want. Just down the street from the depot is a glass blowing studio, you can watch demo's going on most any time. The shop is filled with hanging glass, standing pieces, glasses of course and jewelry. A shop worth seeing.

When you need a little get away, this would be high on my list. Nice little places to sit and have a cup of coffee. Friendly people, nice shops, theaters and wonderful art to inspire. Now I need to take some of this inspiration and put it to work.

On the road again

Staunton Train Staion

Curve in the road - track

Textile Studio

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