Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Simple Simon

I pulled out my trusty Thesaurus to see what interesting words it gave me for Simply and Quite. Always an unique experiment. Simply: see just - Simple: see natural - Quite: see quotidian, now that caught my eye. Quotidian: see daily, ordinary, natural, normal and familiar...

Natural: see artless, again caught my eye, artless: natural, free, relaxed, trusting, forthright...

Okay, so the lesson from these words is Nature. At least that is what I am taking from it, the simple, quite, free, ordinary and familiar thing you can experience every day if you just take a moment to relax and trust in yourself to just see.

Be thankful for the sunrise, sunset, the clouds, stars, moon, mountains, desert, oceans, seas and forest. All those creature large and small that share this planet. Simply be thankful.

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