Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rooted in Friendship

"Friendship is a sheltering tree" quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Marilu & I got together for a little art talk. Since, we now live over 4 hours away from each other, we have made Staunton, VA a half way meeting point.

I wrote about Staunton a couple weeks ago. A nice little town with friendly people, nice coffee shops, good restaurants, artsy stores here and there. It was a good but quick visit. We talked of trees. We often talk of trees. Marilu & I have a connection to trees, our first art show together was called "Sticks & Stones" with a focus on trees. We will continue to draw trees and create new project. Which is one of the things we were talking about how to find a space for this creation we have in mind. It is kind of like the chicken or the egg - do we do the project and then see if we can find a space or find the space and build the project to fit the space?

But, until then we will work out the rough edges, do preliminary sketches and see where it takes us.

Here are some works of our that include trees...and a few birds...

Marilu's scratchboard

Marilu's scratchboard
Marilu's scratchboard
Linda's graphite & white charcoal

Linda's pastel

Linda's graphite on cork paper

"All things share the same breath - the beast, the tree, the man...the air shares it spirit with all the life it supports." Chief Seattle

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