Friday, November 30, 2012

Get Your Motor Running...

The last couple of nights watching the moon, the sunsets and this morning's sunrise is so inspirational. Even thou I get my inspiration from nature. I need deadlines to get my self in gear, to literally get my artistic motor running.

There are challenges to being on one side of the country and wanting to continue to do shows on the other side of the country. Not letting go of those friends and connections. For the past several years Marilu & I have done a Holiday Show hosted by Anne Gibson Snyder - "Homemade for the Holidays". Each year she presents a theme to create your art from, this year it is the animals among us. This would seem a no-brainer for artists that do animals all the time. Yet, I kept procrastinating on how and what to create. Do I do original pastels, do I make prints of them, do I do both, what animals give you the feeling of winter or the holidays?

Watching the sunrise this morning, thinking of the skies I have seen, got me thinking of patterns, abstractions in nature. How can I use some of this as background to create small works with animals. I have my inspiration, I have my motivation, I have a direction to move forward - so today I work. Hopefully by this weekend I will have a few preview images to post. Until then here are some of the inspirations in the skies.

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