Friday, October 26, 2012

Silly Goose

Well, not really goose, maybe Daffy Ducks?? After the Fine Arts in the Valley show was over and I was packing to head back to VA. I took a couple moments to walk around the farm. I had not had a chance to go see the ducks that I could hear. From what I had heard they were very close, they ran from one area to the next in a group. It did seem there was a team director, the first quake and they would all push towards each other kind of going in the same direction. Funny little guys & gals.

Along with the ducks, there are cows of course! Belties! They are black & white, the mid-section is the white area kind of like a belt. Some people at the show referred to them as Oreo Cows.

These cows have a passion for apples. So much so that they follow Lori (one of the owners) along the fence line in hopes that she has apples...she is the piped piper of belties. But, the apple passion is not reserved just for the cows. The Black Twig apples are soooo good. They are a dark red, crisp apple that has a history, they are a Hermitage apple, noted to be Andrew Jackson's favorite.

It is nice to have these moments, to take in the views, see the animals and bite into a crisp red apple!

Black Twig Apples

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