Thursday, October 4, 2012

Almost Over

Almost overwhelmed, as I have written before there are phases to getting ready to do a show. We are in the panic phase. Checked in with Marilu and she is right there with me. Doing the last minute framing. Somehow you think you have the right size frame but when the work is done no frame seems to work. Then you look local to buy what might work and usually end up ordering frames hoping they will get here in time. Which puts you into more panic and framing the day before the show opens.

I make lists, even have them on my computer. This Saturday the group for the Fine Arts in the Valley show will have their before the show meeting. We will organize, figure out where each person will set up work, where display panels go, who brings what, who will be there, setting up sales table, who's doing demonstrations and artist talks.

It is amazing what a group of artists can pull off in a day. All the creative work we have been doing this past year will be displayed and ready to open the following weekend October 12th. Thanks to Lori & Eric Rice we have the use of a beautiful Amish built barn with a wrap around deck and views of Middletown valley. The leaves are just changing and each day there is a little more color. It should be prefect for the two weekends of the show. Hope to see you there.

View of Frederick County

Country Pleasures Farm

Country Pleasures Farm

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