Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Up Then Down

It has been a year of up's and down's. I feel like I have spent a lot of time in the air this year. I know it is not as much as some that travel almost weekly for their jobs but for me I have been up and down a lot.

Speaking of down's the leaves are starting to change on the east coast and will soon be falling down to cover the ground in preparation for the winter cold. AZ is just starting to get some of that fall feeling. Still hot during the day although this week we will see low 90's. The evenings are cooling off which deserts do and making it just wonderful to sit out in the morning.

Last week I was in Portland, OR, the up's there are the mountains, the moisture, the air pressure - oh my! Trees have not started changing there yet and the roses are in full bloom. It is a walking city so that I did. Walked around town with my son, John. First day got to go to the local Dick Blick store, picked up some iridescent pastels to finish up a couple hummingbird pieces that have been waiting.  Hope to work on them this week. Getting things ready to ship back east for upcoming shows.

The rest of the week I plan to be studio time, be it finish works or framing I will be in the studio - woo-hoo!

Sugar Maple in VA photo taken by my husband, Rick Parsons 

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