Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Three P's

Procrastination, Panic and Preparation...these are my 3 P's. I won't say all artists procrastinate but a fair number of us do. Then we go into phase two Panic, this is when we are able to kick it into high gear to move on to phase three preparation. We get organized in our own special way. We pull it together, we pull late nights and early mornings but we get it done. I am passed the procrastination phase and moving quickly into panic. Today I make decision as to what gets mailed back east and what goes as carry-on for traveling with art. I will continue with the panic and preparation right up until October 12th which is the first day of the Fine Arts in the Valley show.

If weather is good to us that first day I plan to be on the deck doing a little plein air painting. If you are so inclined please come join me. I will be painting from 9 - noon. By noon the light will have completed change. Or just come by see what I am doing. I will be working with soft pastels.

The views should be just wonderful in the valley, bring your camera, check out the new art being created for the show and enjoy a country drive.

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