Friday, September 7, 2012

Something Old

Jerome, AZ a mining town started in 1883 on the side of Cleopatra Hill, incorporated 3-8-1899. Mined copper, gold & silver for over 70 years. The N.Y. Times in 1903 called Jerome, "the wickedest town in the west". (Wikipedia)

As most mining towns do, they stopped mining, everyone left and it became a ghost town. The locals say, the hippies moved in and so did creativity. Art galleries started opening, along with restaurants and now wineries. It is a small town population under 500. It is up the mountain, with small and few roads, wear comfy hiking type shoes when you go for a visit. It is an easy trip to do in between Cottonwood and Sedona...kind of...

The last trip to Jerome my friend Sarah was in town. We went to the "Ghost Town" part of Jerome. She is a photographer and there is lots of old, rusty things, trucks, cars, mining machines, chickens running around and a working wood mill. I have not seen what her eye saw but look forward to seeing what she creates with her camera for the Fine Arts in the Valley show.

One of the things that I was attracted to was the abstract textures and colors from the old cars and equipment. Have an idea of printing some of these faded textural images onto drawing paper. I would then have to wait for it to talk to me and add my own hand to the piece. We shall see if this goes anywhere but something to keep me thinking.

Ghost Town Jerome, AZ

My friend Sarah

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