Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh What A Beautiful Morning...

As usual I went outside this morning with my coffee and sketchbook. With shows coming up I have not always done a sketch from plein air each morn. I have been doing some prelim sketching too, thinking of projects or jotting down sketch notes. But, this morning, I did a quick little sun just behind the mountains sketch, yellow, orange & peach in the sky with mountains in shades of purple. I am not one for painting sun rises or sun sets, I find it hard to compete with Mother Nature in that area. But, this morning I did it just for me just because it took my breath away. So much so that my coffee almost went cold before I took my first sip.

Looking at this as a good omen, it's still early but so far a good start to the day. Were every you are I hope you had something wonderful to see this morning. Here are some I have enjoyed.



San Francisco 


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