Friday, September 28, 2012

Javelina & Coffee

As I was having my usual coffee with the kitties out back. I hear javelina, pronounced with a H. And they are close, then I hear coyote, guess they were not happy that the javelina were in the neighborhood.

The cats were all ears as they heard all these new sounds. So, inside they went. Did not get around front fast enough with my camera but have a few pictures from previous javelina encounters.

Javelina's are not the prettiest of animals, they look like they are in the wild pig family but they are not. They are in the peccary, hoofed animals family. They live & travel in herds, they are around 20 inches tall, weight in around 40-50 pounds. I read that the babies have a reddish color when they are born and are called "reds".

Javelina's are the white tailed deer of the west, they eat your plants. They love cacti both the plant and the roots.

I have not done a drawing of one yet but it is on my list. And as an after thought beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Javelina, Pecari Tajacu or Tayassu tajacu

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