Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fields of Color

Back in AZ for September getting work done on the house and in the studio. Rick is in VA keeping busy with teaching and football games. As I was driving down the highway to go to the airport I kept thinking about the patches of color that fill the the in-betweens. Those areas that divide the roads, that go along the side of hills or roundabouts. Many of these areas they use native wildflowers, black eyed susan's, cone flowers or daisy's. Here in AZ you see a lot of Prickly Pear Cactus, which by the way is also native to MD and most states have a native form of a prickly pear.

Once I was in the air there was a whole different field of color. When we got above the storms the rolling clouds took over, with the sun going down there were beautiful reflections of yellow, orange, red, blue going into purple. One of the nice things about flying later in the day is watching the sun set from above.

Getting back into the swing of art, I think of these fields of color. I like working with a background color. There are times that I wait for the paper to talk to me after the paper is toned. So, today I think I will tone a few pieces of paper and see what will emerge. I have started working on the 3rd phase of the Tag Team Art that Marilu & I are doing. That too started with toned paper, using coffee grounds to create the stain. Wait till you see what it was telling me! Both pieces that Marilu & I are working on will be on display at the upcoming Fine Arts in the Valley show in October.

Last drop of coffee is gone, time to get back to the drawing table.

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