Saturday, September 15, 2012

End of the Day

Or maybe end of a project. I know there are many artists out there that have unfinished works. Some get hidden away never to come to an end. I keep a drawer in my flat files that is just for things I think I might work on again. Sometimes they fall into the category of things I am not happy with at the moment and not sure I can fix them.

One of those pieces was a lion study I did in watercolor. Just did not work for me. So, I rinsed off as much as I could, let it dry, put it away...for years. With all the packing and unpacking of my studio I have been re-evaluating some of my "things to work on later" stack. Are they worth saving or do they get re-cycled, re-newed into hand made paper so I can then re-use it for another piece of work? One that made it was the tree I posted yesterday. That was simple a piece started plein air in Hudson River area of New York. The lion study was saved too, it became a pastel with under-painting of watercolor. Also, this week I think the Bob Cats are safe, I worked on them for a day, that's all they were allowed. If at the end of the day they did not look better then into the recycle pile they would go and finishing up today's project a another pastel that was started while traveling, almost done with that so maybe that will make it in the posts tomorrow.

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