Friday, September 14, 2012

Dinner & Galleries

The monsoon season is still wrapping up here in AZ. The gentle winds were blowing in last night to bigger stronger ones into the early morning. I always forget I have a bell hanging out back until the middle of the night when the winds really whip through.

A friend, Maryann, was in town last night in-between her plein air ventures. We went to dinner and then Art Walk in Old Town Scottsdale. The winds were nice, giving a break from the heat & gentle into the evening as not to kick up too much dust. We stopped in the Biltmore Galleries, a mix of classic southwest art in one room & the second room current artist's work. The gallery is on Main Street. Just down from the Biltmore is Xanadu Gallery, a more contemporary gallery with lots of interesting sculptural pieces. The galleries in Scottsdale have a fairly large selection of art, the traditional cowboy art, landscapes, lot of figures, moving into abstract and non-objective. The galleries do a wonderful job of changing the art around from week to week to keep you coming back.

It is coming into high season for the arts lots of shows all over the country. Marilu has 3 pieces in the Mini Show at the Gallery at Fells Point, MD. I just got word that one of my pieces was accepted into the Appalachian Pastel Society Show in Asheville, NC. Both, Marilu & I are creating lots of new pieces for the Fine Arts in the Valley at Country Pleasures Farm Show in Middletown, MD that is coming up soon - October is just around the corner. Plus, lots of other things in the works.

Going to galleries and seeing new art, makes me want to be in my studio. So, for the rest of the day that is were I will be making new work. Here is one of the pieces I finished this week.

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