Saturday, September 29, 2012

Art of Coffee

It is National Coffee Day - who knew - but apparently there is a national something day just about everyday. So, today I am celebrating with a extra cup of coffee and making coffee stained art.

Coffee has been around since 6th - 7th century. Over 400 Billion cups of coffee are consumed.

So, what is the Art of Coffee? Coffee grounds what do you do with them? They can be used in your garden. They can also be used to create art. Coffee stained paper is easy to create and makes for interesting backgrounds. In honor of Coffee Day I am staining some paper and a small canvas. The fun of this is the surprise. Take paper or primed canvas and throw coffee grounds on them. Just throw them and leave them alone. Let it completely dry. Once it dries shake off the grounds then use them in your garden. The paper is now ready to create something. I like to draw directly on the background usually with charcoal adding white accents.

Enjoy that cup of joe and maybe make some art.

Coffee Stained paper where the ground were through on the paper

Coffee Stained paper where the coffee was poured over the paper

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