Saturday, August 4, 2012


Time - taking time - division of time - prioritizing time - my time...

Sometimes it is hard to make the time to work, to create, to get things done in general. Trying to do this blog each morning, well mostly mornings takes time. I think about what the weeks topics may be, not that this will be what I write about but I do take the time to think about what to write.

The mornings have become my time, I sit outside with my coffee, do my sketch, take photos, work on the computer and do the blog. When those things are done I try to give my body a little time to work out. In between all these things I meditate in small  moments of time. Like this morning, as I listen to the hummingbirds, I have realized that the type and size of the hummingbird makes a difference in the sound of their wings. That the peach faced love birds that have been hanging around the last couple of weeks sound like a child's squeeze toy. I have seen an increase in dragonflies and birds in general.

The monsoon season brings gentle breezes in the mornings. I watch the small leaves and branches of the mesquite tree sway. I listen to the leaves rustle in the bottle neck tree. As the sun comes up from behind the mountains I feel the increase of the heat telling me it is time to go inside.

I have always worked better with a little pressure knowing a show or deadline is just around the corner. This year I am working harder at putting things on my calendar ahead of time so I allow myself time to do the work I want to do. Dividing my time up in sections, morning for me, mid-day for art afternoon/evening for family. It does not always go that way but it is good to have a plan.

Take time to smell the roses as they say or around here the creosote bush. Take a moment today just for yourself, look, listen and smell what wonders await.

Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA

Big Ben, England

Roses from Portland, OR

Dragonfly sculpture at Desert Botanical Gardens, AZ

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