Sunday, August 5, 2012

So far So good

The morning sketches are going pretty well even if I don't use the same sketchbook all the time. It is time to work and practice what I preach. I believe that strong work comes from the basic skills. Drawing is one of the best ways I know of to keep myself fresh.

In doing this new morning sketch I am trying to review some technical aspects. Contour drawing, cross contour, working loose, and giving myself time limits. Contour drawing is done by looking at your subject putting pencil to paper following with your eye and hand the contour of that object. It can be done as a blind contour by not looking down at your paper. Often leaving you with amusing looking drawings. Once you get a little practice they can become very nice. Cross contour is what I tend to do more, same idea as the contour but you can cross over your lines to build the interior of the image. I am trying to loosen up my work leaving areas of detail. Limiting time, since I do this with my morning coffee I try to have it done in that time frame. Sometimes if I am having too much fun I may get a refill and draw a little longer.

One of my favorite books to inspire returning to drawing is "The Natural Way To Draw" by Nicolaides. The book breaks down the techniques, gives you examples and practice work. I may not follow it step by step, I have tried but I do like to review this book now and again to refresh myself.

As a bonus for doing what I said I would do, the great horned owl came to visit tonight. He sat on the fence for a long time, then flew up into a mesquite tree where we could see his eyes looking at us like we were a bit crazy.

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