Saturday, August 25, 2012

Got The Blues

What is Blue? Where does it come from? Too much blue yes or no? I have been accused of using too much blue in my work. And that is not a wrong statement. One of my first solo shows I realized how much I like blue. I looked around after it was hung and pretty much said, wow, I must really like blue.

ROYGBIV - Red - Orange - Yellow - Green - Blue - Indigo - Violet
This is how I learn to remember the colors in the spectrum. Color is light, the science of color is you see what is reflected and the rest of the light spectrum is absorbed. When you see white all of the colors are being reflected.

The eye/brain is often drawn to different colors. Many people are drawn to the cool side of the rainbow, the blues and greens. That would be me, cool and blue. My kids would be rolling there eyes about now. Speaking of eyes, a person with blue eyes can change the look of their eyes by the color they wear close to their face. When you are painting, drawing the colors you put next to each other affects their brightness, the intensity. This is Simultaneous Contrast, the vibration of the eye as it reacts to the perception of color. When you look at a red dot then look away you see green. The eye/brain needs to rest from that absorption of color it goes to the complement. On the color wheel the opposites red - green, blue - orange, yellow - violet.

So, this is the down & dirty of color science in art. Still does not answer what is blue, because blue is blue, it is the light and how it is reflected or absorbed. Can there be too much blue? Not for me but everyone sees things differently and that can be a good thing.

Here are a few blue pieces.

Out of the Blue

Rio Grand Gorge, A.M.

A Perfect Day

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