Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good Works

I volunteered to do a piece for the Artists of Scottsdale Ranch auction in January 2013. They usually have one charity that the monies raised go to benefit that organization. This coming year there will be two, one of which is an animal rescue.

While teaching at Common Ground I had some photos of the cats & dogs from the shelter. I ask if any of the students used these as references for their work if they would like to donate the finished pastels to the cause I would be happy to frame them for the auction. I had two wonderful students take the challenge, one did a cat the other a dog. As we get close to the auction I will write more and post all the works. It always touches my heart to see how often people will donate and do good works.

I started thinking okay so what can I do and how do I want to approach this image? I decide to do a graphite drawing on gray Rives BFK paper just to work out the composition and pick out details. The photos came from the shelter most of the animals are in cages. I did not want the bars in my work, you have to think through the bars and look at where the details take you. I am 99% done with the drawing.

Here's where the camera becomes a tool again. I looked at the drawing last night, did a few more touches and thought I think it is done. Till I took a photo of it, there is a section  at the neck of the cat & dog that is just too much the same. I need to extend the neck of the dog and the dog in the middle his eyes are looking out into no where. The cat & dog on the right have more of that looking at you, kind of look. So, I will adjust those little things and move on to my tag team piece. Both might be done by end of day today but then again once I take a photo of it, it might need a little additional touch. I plan to do a larger pastel of the cats & dogs for the auction.

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