Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finders Keepers

This morning as I am having my usual coffee outside doing what I said I would do - sketching hands. I even did a blind contour left handed. I normally work right handed. It is good to switch hands now and again makes the brain work differently. But, while I am out there my son, John has me come over and look at something under a bush. Kind of looks like a rock, yet it has a big split down the back. I push, touch, move it around and out it comes with a stem that is a pretty bright yellow. The top a soft beige color but the inside where it is split is dark brown. Kind of looks like a mushroom. Did not know that mushrooms grew in AZ without a lot of special human care. So, did a little sketch of it too. Have not had time to take pictures yet hope to post them tomorrow. I love when you find those unexpected treasures of nature. If I can keep it fresh enough long enough I will do a little color sketch. I, of course will take photos of it and have those as reference but something like this is so much fun to draw from life. It falls under my category of plein air up close and personal.  Since I do not have the mushroom to show I will just add a few other images that were done in plein air. 

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