Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Do ewe see what eye sea

As visual artists our hands and our eyes are our main tools. As Marilu & I have been talking about lately sketching is a tool that we use to help keep that flow in our work. Like anything sports, music, cooking the more we do it the better our accomplishments. Practice, practice and patience's...

One tool that I use almost on a daily basis is my camera. What I see through my lens may be different then what you see. I try to remember to change the light setting on my camera from inside fluorescent - incandescent to direct sun or shadow. It makes a huge difference. I shoot in manual to compensate for the light being too bright at times washing my images out or back lighting making them too dark. The images I take become my reference photos, I take many pictures that are the same images but zooming in more with each shoot. When I am taking photos of wildlife I keep shooting as long as the animal will let me. Even if you are at a wildlife preserve or zoo the animals don't always sit pretty for you. Marilu and I have often come away with the "butt shot" as it walks or runs away from you. Trees for the most part stay still except in the wind, plus there are seasonal changes. Do I need another tree photograph - well maybe no - will I keep taking tree pictures - oh yea!

These pictures are not only reference but inspiration and sense memory. The emotional connection to a place helps me in creating my art. As I draw eagles or bears I think of Alaska and the trip the four of us took. The long days, the quality of the light and sharing those moments with friends. These memories, connections make my work not only personal to me but I hope it connects to the viewer and takes them on a journey.

So today, I have already done 3 little sketches with my morning coffee. Since, I just refilled my hummingbird feeders I am sure I will be taking some bird shots this afternoon. I plan to post some of the weeks sketches this weekend...until then a few photos of my favorite things.

La Luna in AZ

Aspens in CO

Dead tree Mesa Verde, CO
Close up of dead tree

Alaska, Fox Island

Alaska, Brooks River Falls

South Africa

Loon nesting, Maine
Moosehead Lake Maine

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