Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Touch of Seasoning

Driving down the road yesterday I saw my first real sign of fall. A big ole tree that was full of color, orange, yellow, red...I thought wow already but it is almost Labor Day and with September comes cooler weather. The cool air sends those signs to Mother Nature that it is time to settle in for a winter nap.

As the fall brings such lovely colors it is a time to capture some of those special moments. Go out for hikes, walks, pho-hiking...a kind of gentle hike where you stop a lot to take pictures. Do some plein air painting or just take a moment to breath.

I have been preparing work for the upcoming show in October in Middletown, MD. But, for the next month I will be working on new pieces. The fall is a great time for the arts. Lots to see and lots to do, lots of inspiration from nature. Can't wait to see what inspires me next!!!

Look close and you will see a Great Blue Heron on the branch

Saw this little guy driving along the Blue Ridge 

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