Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Other Bay

Wrapping up our coast to coast travels. Rick & I did a little side trip to San Francisco to join Marilu & Dwight. Marilu had been in CA for the opening of the First Annual Exhibition of Scratchboard Art with the ISSA and to do some workshops.

Show Closing July 31st

This is the piece in the ISSA show Tri-colored Herons

If you missed the show this year, look for it next year who knows it could show up in your neck of the woods. Marilu has picked up some new tricks and tools to work on new scratchboards. We are currently taking some inspiration from our San Francisco trip to look at future works. 

The four of us went to a wonderful exhibit called "Do Not Destroy" at the Contemporary Jewish Museum of Art in San Francisco. I believe the show has been extended till end of September. You can go to the web site to look at some of the images that are in the show:
The theme is trees, creations were inspired by the tree in art and the Jewish Culture. Many of the pieces were created using reclaimed wood, recycling or renewing materials to represent the tree and the gift of the tree. 

Some of the pieces that moved me were:

Gale Antokal Charcoal drawing which included the piece of charred wood/charcoal in which she drew her piece.

Lisa Kokin Leaves on a branch created by sewing on paper to create the leaves. (A technique I have played with myself & is an interesting technical challenge and may resurface in my handmade books & papers)

Marcel Odenbach A Cut & paste forest of trees using printed paper pieces, type & photo images. You could have stood there for hours looking and reading the information this piece contained. Yet from a distance it looked like a painted forest the title: "You Can't See the Forest for the Trees" 

These were just a few of the pieces that touched me and inspired me to think about a special project that Marilu & I have been talking about for years. Some times those ideas just need a lot of time to come together and I think that time has come. It will take a year to put the works together but come next year we both may have something new and special for all to see. 

In the mean time we will continue to work on our Tag Team pieces that we will have on display this October at the Fine Arts in the Valley show in Middletown, MD

Next post - back in AZ.

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