Friday, July 27, 2012

sketch of the day & coyotes vs roadrunners

So far, so good with the morning sketching, some are just quick studies and some take a little extra to finish what I have started. It is a good thing. Marilu is so right that when you are away from sketching, painting, working on your craft you have to play catch up getting your hand back into that flow again. Here is yesterday's sketch:
Misty Mountains as the sun rises & clouds from mosoons

I looked outside to see a roadrunner just laying in our backyard. Grabbed my camera and got a few shots before he took off. I had never seen a roadrunner fly. It was not 5 minutes later that the coyote shows up, looking all around like he knew he missed something. Which way did it go? Made me smile as I thought of the cartoon and here I had the real life roadrunner & coyote in my yard. 
road runner

beep beep

and he is off!!

I know that roadrunner is around here somewhere???
                 Here is a charcoal & pastel of a roadrunner that I got a photo of in Tucson.

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