Monday, July 30, 2012

Monsoon Monday

Monday is coming to a close and I did not get any posts written this weekend. But, we did have monsoons throughout the weekend. In Arizona the summer months bring monsoons, really they do! Monsoon is an Arabic word: mausim, which means wind-shift. Monsoons are caused by the winds that come from the south & south-east during the summer. The moisture conditions (which does not mean rain) mixed with the heat makes the monsoon. They can be just wind & dust which are "dust devils" or if they get over 100 feet high they are called Gustnadoes. Okay, way more information then you would ever want to know about monsoons. If you do wish to learn more you can check out ASU - School of Geographical Science & Urban Planning web site.

This time of year the colors, clouds, lighting and reflected light of the sky is fascinating. I will share a couple photos of these moments of light changes, they are fast as the winds blow in the storms within seconds the sky goes from sunny to filled with dust.

 light on mountain (picture above right section)just before monsoon blew through

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