Monday, June 11, 2012


Here is a good one for all you word game players. Xeriscape - noun: landscape method for arid climates utilizing water conservation.

There are many small parks in Phoenix Scottsdale area. I have been hearing about this one called Xeriscape Garden. It deals with using drought tolerant plants and minimal irrigation requirements. Something in the desert that is necessary.

When I first started coming to AZ many people ask why, it's so brown? Compared to the rich lush greens in MD and along the east coast. It is truly different but I don't see it as brown either. There is always something blooming in AZ. The wildflowers are smaller and closer to the ground. The root systems of cactus, succulents and some trees work in a different way. Staying closer to the surface to absorb more water when it does fall. As with anything beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I love the red rocks, the yellow flowers, the smells of the plants and of course all the birds.

Back to the Xeriscape Garden, it is a little over 5 acres of easy walking paths. They have landscaped it with areas to relax, sit, or walk in meditation. Looking forward to going back in the spring when the Palo Verdes are in bloom as there are many. There is one area that is sculpted to create the effective of a water fall using a stair-step technique. There are shade canvases, which are used a lot out here. Big colorful triangles of fabric to create not only shade but an artistic feature between the land and the sky. Some of the trees and plants that I took note of are: Mesquite (Velvet & Chilean), Eucalyptus, Palo Verde's, Fairy Duster bush, Creosote bush, Desert Willow tree, and so much more.

nest in Palo Verde tree

Palo Verde path in Xeriscape Gardens

Hummingbird on Palo Verde branch

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