Sunday, June 24, 2012

What's a Mesa?

Over the years we have been to many locations that have Mesas. I knew that a mesa was a flat topped mountain type formation. I always like to research my facts. What I found was a mesa is a Spanish word that means "table". That mesas come from plateaus, buttes are smaller then mesas and as they continue to erode the smallest formation is called a spire.

All that being said, Rick & I stopped at Mesa Verde National Park, Mesa Verde, CO to view a mesa up close. You drive into the park about 15 miles with views all around. You can walk down into cliff dwellings. We went down into Spruce Tree House and did some exploring around Cliff Palace. Rick went down into Cliff Palace while I sat and did a sketch. As we drove out we passed through an area that had been through several fires over many years leaving a field of beautifully ominous trees.

On our way back we stopped at the little town Mancos. We discovered it was a wealth of fine art. We stopped in the Artisans of Mancos, one of the nicest cooperative galleries we have ever seen. Around the corner was Nathaniel's Master Hat Maker, he has made hats for many famous people/movie stars. Nice man, lovely shop. Several galleries are tucked into the main street area, along with cowboys on horses and a horse drawn carriage...which had received a emergency phone call on his cell and his dog was hanging on his ever word. 

We headed back to Durango for the evening to pack and head out in the morning. One more walk around town.

For more information on Mancos oe Mesa Verde check the web site:

Spruce Tree House

Cliff Palace

Mancos, CO

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