Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rocky Roads

Life, travel, work always come with a few rocky roads. Sometimes there is beauty in those rocks...mountains. The first part of our road trip started out a little rocky but as we continued to move from New Mexico into Colorado the rocks got bigger and more beautiful. We were moving forward one mile at a time. We drove along Ghost Ranch where Georgia O'Keeffe painted many mountain views, she referred to Pedernal as " private mountain," there are so many beautiful mountains in this area I do not know if I could claim one as my own.

Crossing over into Colorado the landscape went from reds & yellows to greens & blues. The mountains took on a different look with little touches of snow still hanging on till winter comes again. We arrived at Durango, a town we have heard much about over the years. It did not disappoint.

New Mexico near Ghost Ranch

New Mexico

Colorado - cattle - grass - pines - mountains -big sky

Colorado Chimney Rock

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