Friday, June 1, 2012

Promise to myself

I made a promise to myself that I would work on and try to finish the ravens piece by next week. I started it before I came back east (May 3rd) to pack & move most of my studio to AZ. Everything is pretty well unpacked and at least in some order.

I even told my family, Friday & Sunday are mine. I am not an early morning person, I have been told that I like to walk into the morning. So be it, I had my coffee with my cats and camera outside this morning. I took pictures of the birds enjoying the fruit that the saguaro provides after the flowers have gone. I am wrapping up my morning computer time with my blog. I think this is a lovely way to start my day.

The afternoon I get to spend in my new studio working on the ravens piece. If you look closely at the studio pictures you can get a sneak peak of what I am working on and hope by next week to post the finished piece. It is a good day to stay inside as AZ may set a new record today hitting between 112 - 115 degrees.

Plus I have a challenge before me and Marilu has her paper prepared to start too!

New studio in AZ

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