Monday, June 25, 2012

Overland route

When you are on a road trip the schedules are more open ended. We try to come & go different way to see new things. Sometimes finding lovely surprises. Heading back to AZ, the roads did not always have signs to tell you this is your turn but with a good guess here and there we made the right choices.

Stopping to check out Canyon de Chelly (shay). It is one of those places that gives you hints of what's to come. As you pull up to the look-outs your view is far and down.  We saw the "white house" and "spider" tower. On a different day, later in the year or earlier in the morning we might have walked down to some of the areas for a closer look.

One of the nice surprises once we got back on the road was seeing a small herd of horses running across the land with the mountains in the background. The other was a small park featuring part of the painted desert. As we decended in elevation we kept an eye out for the change in cactus, that was our sign that we were getting close to home.

AZ - NC - VA - MD - CA coming soon!

White House Canyon de Chelly

Spider Towers Canyon de Chelly

Painted Desert

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