Saturday, June 23, 2012

Historic Durango

Continuing on our recent road trip we arrive in Durango, CO. Marilu & her husband Dwight have been there before and just loved it, so much so that Marilu would happily move there. It is a larger town then either Rick or I expected. Durango was founded in 1881, old architecture with modern road ways. There are horse drawn carriages, cowboys on horses, old trains rebuilt and running. Along with the young hippies. Are they still called hippies? They look like they came right out of the 60's. An interesting variety of people and everyone is friendly. Lots of art galleries, pubs, coffee shops and fun little places to look into.

We took a day off from travel and boarded the historic train for a ride from Durango to Silverton. We got up to Silverton for lunch with a little time to look around this small old mining town. Now geared for the tourists. We were in the last car of the train, the seats were arranged to look out to one side. But, with room to stand and move around. As you come back you are on the opposite side so you don't miss any of the amazing views. I found myself jumping up and leaning out the open air windows. Which you need to look before you do that as you come within 8 inches of rock walls and trees. It was hard not to take tons of pictures, some just as memories of the trip others will be used for future art work. I had just taken my zoom lens off when Rick yells - BEAR! Up on the hill side was a brown bear, a very large one at that but he was really too far away to get a good picture. I took one with the short lens but as I said not much there. But, fun to have seen another bear. We have seen them in Frederick, MD, in the mountains of VA, at Katmai, Alaska and now somewhere between Durango and Silverton. Good spotting dear! We saw areas where the beavers worked, some birds but no eagles and a few humans flying through the trees. There is a section that is set up for zip lines with people taking to the air as if they were birds.

The trip back into Durango was a bit more relaxing as we knew the areas that had special scenes coming up, like waterfalls and grand views. It is an all day trip and the last hours like all trips you are ready to get off the train. Next on our road trip Mesa Verde and a surprisingly artsy little town.

Welcome to Durango

Durango Train 

We'll be coming 'round the mountain...

We'll be lettin' off some steam

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's some crazy guy on a zip line.

Silverton Stagecoach

Waterfall in between cities

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