Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Garden Walk in the Morning

This week Rick, my husband and I went to the Desert Botanical Gardens for an early morning walk. We got there around 7ish. It is comfortable at that hour in AZ. Our intent was to see birds and enjoy the morning. The garden offers bird walks with a guide. We missed that it only happened on Mondays.

It was a successful morning. We saw birds there that we had never seen before. I know that there are many birds that stop over on the way north or south throughout the year. But, our biggest surprise was to see peach faced love birds just flying all over the garden. We talked to one of the volunteers and she said that they were native to South Africa and that someone most likely had them as a pet. Once they were out in the wild they established their home and created a family. Now there is a large family of these birds flying around AZ.

We saw many cactus and succulent plants in bloom that we had not experienced before. Each season we visit the gardens we see so many different things. Tucked in a cactus were two baby roadrunners, Mom had been feeding them and was off hunting for more food. Maybe the next time we go for a walk I will take my sketchbook along with my camera, take a few minutes to draw.

I found a new place to walk and draw, Xeriscape...more on that tomorrow.

spiny lizard (males have blue on their necks)
peach faced love birds

baby roadrunners still in their nest

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