Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Working again....

There's nothing like an application for an interesting show to get the creative juices flowing.  I've been in a 'funk' lately.  There's not a magic pill for a funk.....you just have to work through it and let it run it's course. 
Last year an organization was formed that I found very exciting.  I applied for membership straight away.  It's the International Society of Scratchboard Artists, and when the applications went out for their first major show, I was inspired.
Linda and I spent several days last Fall seeking out subjects from the abundance of waterfowl at Chincoteague National Sea Shore in Virginia.  Once we found a way to diffuse the mosquitoes--we photographed and sketched to our Wild heART's content!  Several good pieces of art resulted.  One of mine has already sold at a regional show, and another one was juried into the ISSA show.  Now I'm looking forward to attending the reception and workshops, and anticipating more inspiration.  It doesn't hurt that this will all take place in the California wine country.  It will be like going home. 
An event like this is what I've needed to 'de-bunk the funk'.  Therefore you can expect more posts on the blog from the east coast half of this pair.  But more importantly, I'm working on new art; scouring my sketchbooks and photo files and wondering what took me so long to see the possiblilites.
Life is good!!!!!
                                                   'Tri-colored Herons: Chincoteague' 

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